Jetworld Speed Industries Co., Ltd.

Jetworld Speed Industries Co., Ltd. is a leading export trading cooperation which maintains the best knowledge of metal castings to guarantee our customers with best satisfication in quality and service since 1984. Our business is now prioritized in trading OEM foundries and branded precision tooling operating on CNC machinery to customers in many parts of regions in the world. Since 2013, we have our own facility in China and have the abilities to sustain our customers with large-scale orders, we carried our own production and warehouse inspection control to maximize our production efficiency and to ensure our quality is fully certified and good to go.

Exhibition Image of attending IWF (International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, GA, USA),
taken in 2018.

About our Facility

WorldLink Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a production facility located in Shunde Dist., Foshan City, Guangdong, China. Founded in 2022, it is operated by Taiwanese executives and 100% Taiwanese enterprise. The enterprise inherited the foundation of its predecessor in WoodLink Precision Tools Co., Ltd.. The main objective of the enterprise is to guarantee the production efficiency and quality control is intact, and offer the best service possible to our respected clients. In recent years, the facility has explored more business opportunities in applying woodworking, aluminum, and stainless steels industries; with our recent relocation, expansion and consolidation, we are eager than ever to move forward by creating our own brand in Prowood (Woodworking), Runtop (Metalworking). We are now one of the premium production facilities in China offering one of the best precision tools in the competive market... We look forward to you visiting us in China!!